Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Good Shepherd Ube Jam-Baguio City

Well this is not a food review. I would just like to share my experience in buying the famous ube jam from Good Shepherd Convent. The people in the group are crazy talking about it and I feel so clueless. I feel like I'm the only person in the van that haven't tried it!

This convent is located in Baguio city. A lot of tourists actually are in the location when we arrived. they are pretty organized and there seems to be a very high demand on this Ube Jam.

We are advised to just fill up an order form so that when we approach the counter they will just get the slip and be on your way. This is a brilliant strategy to just make everyone's life easier during the process. They also have separate lines for purchases less than ten and then 11 above. BUT they have a limit on the number of ube jams per person can buy.

I think the demand is too high for the training center to produce! Imagine how many tourists wants to get a hold of this jam. I didn't opened mine after buying it during the trip. I tasted it when i got back home and i must say it is actually pretty good.

I must say that going here is worth it. the ube jam is at a very reasonable price and definitely a must try! As for my mom and me we still prefer the old fashion strawberry jam. And also by buying from the convent you help the sisters and the people of their livelihood training center.

So thats it for this post. Have a great day!

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