Saturday, November 21, 2015

Bohol Bee Farm

Bohol Bee farm is located in Panglao island. Its a nice place with a lot of tourist paying a visit. Their main attraction is the tour of the bee farm but since they do it in a certain time frame we didnt waited for it. I just wanted to share some images from our visit.

Its really quite a nice place. Its quiet and peaceful. After entering the place we spotted an ice cream shop. They serve really good ice cream in an assortment of flavors. Their secret ingredient is honey. Since they have abundant supply of it at the location they use it as a sugar substitute! We bought mango and langka(jack fruit) flavors. Its really delicious!

At the location they have a large array of honey selection. They also sell herbal teas and some snacks too!

Other than that while we are looking around we noticed this little cooperative thats weaving near their herb garden.

This area is near Alona beach and just takes around 10-15 mins to get to the area. When we go back to Panglao, we will definitely visit this place again

They also have a resto and resort.For more info you can check out their website:

So thats it for this post. Have a great day!


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