Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Wedding: Reception Details

Hello everyone so today i want to share some photos from our wedding reception before the guests arrived and the food as well.

We are the practical type and we always think about maximizing our budget. and good thing that we found Treasured Banquets! so we just opted for a minimum number of guests 100.

We are not really selective when it comes to decor as long as it blends in with our purple and green motif. and the main factor is the cost and food. well we are conservative spenders and i think wedding reception budget should be planned carefully. in my opinion the money that you will be spending in a wedding should be minimal and should meet your requirements and taste as well. if you scout earlier you can actually get a good deal. well come to think about it the excess money that you saved from the wedding can be used for something else maybe a small business or you can just save it in the bank for future investments right?

our requirements are the following. and we gave our max budget :)
invitation cards
food (pork, beef, chicken, fish, pasta, rice, drinks, salad and soup)
flowers for entourage (bouquet, corsages etc)
lights and sounds
photo and video (prenup, wedding and reception)
and all the basics for the reception (tables chairs etc)
cake, wine and dove
emcee and otd wedding coordinator 
photo booth and candy bar

amazingly they met our requirements and i scouted for at least 2 months before we decided to book them.

Here are some of the pics of the set up care of Treasured Banquets FB and our official photographer

We also have a photo booth and a candy bar that we all enjoyed! and its discounted! 

chocolate cake 

to be honest we are actually happy that we booked them! 

Lechon!!! we love pork hahaha! 
thanks to my uncle vet and aunt precy <3

We love our wedding food not only its delicious its also loved by our guests as well. We only received great feedback from everyone and we are very happy and thankful. We are tough customers to please in terms of food (my family cooks really good food and my husbands side as well) and we are very pleased on everything! 

I definitely recommend their services to everyone!

Thats it for this post i hope you guys like it!

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  1. Congrats sis! Simple but still elegant.


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