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Commentary: Gay Marriage and the Destruction of our Society

Across America millions are celebrating what they perceive as a ‘victory’ for marriage equality. They raise their glasses and toast the open mindedness of the judiciary and gloat about the greatness and fairness of America.

I want to focus on the other segment of the country. Those who are not talking to social media and posting about this. Those who go to work, live, take care of their families. The good people. As President Nixon called them, the Great Silent Majority of Americans. They don’t like what has happened to America these last few years.

The foundation of marriage is based in religion, yet at the same time it has been delegated to the various states under the 10th amendment to deal with marriage issues. The court has redefined marriage and overstepped it’s constitutional authority as evidenced by a 5-4 vote. Americans will not sit idly by as our country is torn apart, but it seems today that the evil in society outweighs the good. 

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Marriage is between a woman and a man. Period. Homosexuality, until the 1970s, was listed as a mental disorder. I wonder if it really is. Consider that anywhere between 2-5% of the population identify themselves as homosexual and well over 20% suffer from some sort of chronic mental illness it is not that far off.

I have nothing against homosexuals at all. One of my best friends was gay, he passed away 8 years ago. At my wedding we had many guests who are friends who are gay. But the issue of marriage should never be linked or confused with equality or respect. That would be like me demanding that I get lactation breaks at work, even though I am a man. How can a right be given where it never existed?

The judiciary is playing games with the family and using children as guinea pigs to test this as the new normal. Society will suffer. Families and children will suffer. But who gives a damn right? As long as two guys/girls can run around pretending they are husband and whatever. As long as they are happy. Pure selfishness at the expense of our society.

Redefining marriage opens up the doors to a whole host of ethical questions and dilemmas. Where do we draw the line? Is marriage between 3 or more people permitted? Is marriage between close family permitted? What about marriage to someone well under the age of 18? With this new movement of “self identification” which is another insane and morally bankrupt notion, one could claim that their 10 year old fiancĂ© self identifies as 18.

In many parts of the world, Islamists for example, young brides are common. What is to stop that from coming to America? You cannot say that it is a false argument. Twenty years ago the basic idea of a Supreme Court forcing all 50 states to redefine marriage would have been unthinkable.

Where do we draw the line? Once you tamper with something like marriage, it is forever changed and can be transmogrified into anything the populace wishes at a given time period. The judiciary has usurped the power of the state legislatures and the people. By ignoring votes such as California’s Proposition 8, which the people of left leaning California voted for, which defined marriage as between a man and a woman, the courts have said they know better than the American people.

When you tamper with the meaning or marriage you pollute it to it’s core. When is enough really enough? Will Churches face pressure from the government to perform gay marriages or else? Will Americans who believe in time tested traditional values be blacklisted and lose their incomes and businesses (this has happened)? Will we  only be allowed to voice our dissent from deep within the recesses of our homes, fearing that anything said outside could lead us to be charged with a “hate crime”? It is a slippery slope, folks. And using words such as tolerance, bigotry, sexism, intolerance, respect, and equality are an insult.

This is not and never has been a civil or human rights issue. It is a political one. But a political one which has served to only harm the family, children, and our society.

There are also others who stand up and say “love has no boundaries.” This is true. Very true. Gay men can very much be in love with another, as two lesbians can. That is their business. If they wish to have the same legal rights (pensions, medical rights, hospital visitation) they should. Either draw up a contract or pass a law that allows that. So if I want my pension to go to my gay partner OR my cousin or my neighbor, that is my business. There are legal remedies without dragging marriage into this.

They simply want the word and be able to rub it in the faces of those they fought  against for so many years. The left wing in America pandered and pushed the seeds of division and worked to paint everyone who disagreed as bigots. Many like to call us bigots or intolerant or ignorant. I ask you, would you tell your 80 year old grandmother to her face that she is ignorant for holding her strong beliefs in tradition, and that you are so smug and superior with your new found enlightenment? I doubt.

It takes courage to stand up against the masses who call you names and work every single day and night to tear down the fabric of our country. It takes nothing to stand by and say “it’s not my business” or to throw stones when you can hide in the crowd, texting, and posting on your smartphone. One more remark, one more post to try to dilute the sanctity of marriage.

America may be on decline, sadly, but the world is not. The Philippines, my adopted country, is a stalwart defender of family and tradition. Here we will not allow laws to be written and judges influenced by a vocal minority who wish to live in some fantasy world and force us to celebrate their mental illness.

In America it started years ago with TOLERANCE. Be tolerant and love others. Then that was not enough. It became ACCEPTANCE.  Be accepting of their lifestyle. Then that was not enough. It became CELEBRATE AND EMBRACE. We were forced, or called bigots and others names, if we didn’t  smile and pretend that this was normal.

What is the next step? Jailing or fining us for “hate crimes” because we disagree? Stand up now and push them back. The barbarians are at the gate. Push back. Take our country back and don’t give them an inch. Fight. Resist. Never surrender.

Travis Glenn

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  1. I have a lot of friends who are gay/bi/homo too. One of my bestest friends is gay. I love and respect them but with this issue, same sex marriage is an oxymoron for me. It's like, how can you plug a female socket with another female socket and make the device/equipment work? Maybe, they can use a different term like companionship or same sex vows. My 2 cents.