Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Im Chubby and my Husband Loves me

Summer is here and yes its time to flaunt that beach body. But not everyone is Thin/Slim/Lean or whatever you may call it. Everyone has their own interpretation of sexy and im cool with that as they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder right?

Im not on the slim side of the country( well basically here in the Philippines im considered fat because im not skinny or lean) im classified Chubby and Overweight. i love food and i think everyone does. its just that i easily gain weight and i dont really do exercise generally.

me and travis in camiguin
arab mode for travs since its super hot he easily gets sun burn

Im happily married to my loving husband Travis. We both have weight issues and we are trying our best to reduce it.

I always get stared at and judged as well but what for? for being with a WHITE GUY (foreigner) and im not sexy?

Here are just some of those annoying statements i get every time and my reactions to it.

1. "Your FAT and with a white guy?". IS IT MANDATORY TO BE SKINNY TO BE WITH ONE? like seriously? why are you so judgmental of my size? and why not judge my husbands size instead, is it because he is an american and im local so you have this urge to say something to me instead. Size doesnt matter because we are very much in love with each other so deal with it!

2. "Why are you not dressed up? your with a foreigner.". I dress comfortably when im out with my husband and we prefer comfort before style. Im not one of those girls that wears body con dresses and heels when im with my man. ITS NOT COMFORTABLE! especially with a lot of walking? nope! Im not there to impress anyway.

3. "Try putting on makeup girl!" . Do i look undesirable without it?  I have a lot of makeup and i love it! its just that i dont feel the need to put on makeup everyday because my husband loves me with or without it and its time consuming. I feel confident that im pretty without it and i dont have anything to hide on my face.

4. "Shes fat what made him attracted to her?" i really find this offensive yet i hear it all the time. i know for a fact i have more than my body can offer. i can take care of my man well, attend to his needs, i know how to run a house hold. im educated and from a good family. im talented can sing, craft (which im pretty darn good at!) i can earn my own money and I CAN SPEAK ENGLISH PRETTY DARN GOOD! and i can communicate well with the english language. Dont judge a book by its cover.

5. "You dont drink and party? thats just boring!" Even we just started dating we dont like partying. Well im proud that me and my hubby are home bodies. We both dont like clubbing, drinking and dancing! but that doesnt mean we dont have a good time. we love movies, karaoke, eating, travelling and lounging at home and just watching tv.  We are just different compared to a lot of couples.

6. "Shes wearing a bikini and she is fat! EWW!" i often get this when im at the beach with or without my man, Swim suits are for everyone to enjoy! me being chubby is not stopping me to wear a bikini! you dont like what you see? then DONT LOOK! I feel like the only person that will stop you wearing a bikini is yourself. I have the confidence to enjoy the sea, sun and sand. DEAL WITH IT!

This is a never ending list.. being chubby doesnt mean that your not beautiful. I love how i look and my husband loves me too so i dont think anyone has the right to put you down on purpose. Be happy with what you are. i believe that the beauty will eventually fade but your personality and having a good heart wont. a person that really loves you will accept all the imperfections and love you unconditionally.

so thats it for this post :) see you in the next one!



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