Friday, April 17, 2015

Review: Stark Rechargeable Sweeper

Hello everyone! sorry for being MIA for the past few weeks. anyway im back for a review :)

Me and my Husband were looking around the mall and we noticed that CD-R King offers home appliances?! like seriously! so they now offers rice cookers, toasters and even vacuum cleaners!

This is the stark Rechargeable Sweeper and its a small vacuum that you charge for 4 hours.

We love hanging out in CD-R king stores because they offer good quality products at a very affordable price.

so pictured below is the product unboxing. as you can see that the item is actually dis-assembled when you are not using it. which is actually great since if you are steadily moving this will be very handy :)

unboxing :)

Instruction manual
Plastic handle
Sweeper Head
Extension tube

So i tried it on our floor and guess what it actually works!
its really convenient for me because i dont need to bend over and use the dust pan 
since its just a one way sweeping and it collects it at the same time.

over all i love this rechargeable sweeper 
for the price tag of Php 1180 its worth the shot.
it gets the job done faster as well.
no need to bend your back so much because the rod has an adjustable length
sweep and go!

CD-R king offers a wide variety of products and its like a one stop gadget shop! so the next time you want to purchase something you should check CD-R King first and see the difference!


Therese Glenn
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  1. I haven't seen this from the branches I've been to. I'll definitely check this out when I visit again. This looks like a nice product to have at home.

    Louise |