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Travel: Discovering the undiscovered with Sandview Travel Calaguas

Bicol, one of the known vacation spots in the Philippines. Home of the Mayon Volcano, Cagsawa Ruins and the famous BICOL EXPRESS. But other than those famous things and places to go to bicol, there are also some other hidden spots to discover within the vast region.

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Calaguas is a group of islands located in Camarines Norte is one of the newest addition to the must see places in Bicol. My fathers family side hails from Sorsogon and this is the first time that i heard of the island itself and since summertime in the Philippines is almost coming in let me give you my top 8 reasons why we are excited to visit this newly opened tourist destination!

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1. CAMPING IN A TENT! I never tried sleeping in a tent ever beside the sea and this will be such a wonderful experience for me and my husband to get in touch with nature. I already can imagine us seeing the sunset in this pristine beach. he actually told me that "i think camping is not a filipino thing" well yes we are excited to go on camping style.

2. SUMMER IS ABOUT SOAKING IN THE SUN, SEA and SAND! Me and my husband love the seascape and will savor every single minute of our stay here!

3. A ESCAPE FROM THE BUZZING METROPOLITAN LIFESTYLE. not unlike the crowded and overly commercialized Boracay, Calaguas is a peaceful and serene place where you can unwind from your busy work schedule and just feel every inch of paradise.

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4. TAKE A WALK AND BE AMAZED OF THE BREATHTAKING VIEW. we are not hikers but seeing this photo and realizing that we dont need to climb all the way to the top to love the view makes us a lot more excited.

5. A FEAST FOR OUR SENSES. see the place, feel the wind and sea, hear the joyful laughter and birds chirping and taste the local delicacies that the place has to offer. maybe a fresh catch from the sea. and try native fruits and wines maybe.

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6. ATV RIDE! i tried go cart once and loved it!. i never rode an atv yet and im pretty sure i will also like it and use it to go see spots in the area! Guess what? this is an exclusive offer of Sandview Travels!

7. BE AMAZED OF THE RICH MARINE LIFE. I heard that you can do snorkeling since the island is a habitat for an array of fish and sea creatures! we are really excited to see this!

8. A NEW ADVENTURE TO A FOREIGN ISLAND WAITING TO BE UNCOVERED AND EXPLORED! we love taking photos of our travel adventures, leaving only our footprints and taking only memories. a place as pristine as Calaguas should be preserved from its original state for our future generations to see and enjoy as well.

With all of these amazingly enticing reasons to go to Calaguas, there is no better time to go. This hidden gem has so much to offer and so much undiscovered natural beauty that it will quickly become the next “go to” spot of the Philippines, drawing tourists and locals alike. Come, discover Calaguas, one friendly face at a time.

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so thats it for this post and see you in Calaguas!

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