Thursday, March 12, 2015

Money+Family=Conflict #FamilyWarsPh Experience

Hello everyone! Last Saturday, March 7, 2015, I was invited to attend a very mind opening talk that focuses on the issues that arises in family businesses, common mistakes and how to address those issues within the family.

Our speaker is Prof. Enrique Soriano III, a professor in Ateneo de Manila University, a writer and  a well established person on his field of expertise and he had business clients who are big in the industry. He is also known to stand on his personal advocacy such as the following:

  • Teaching ASEAN companies to set rules for family members
  • Design family firm governance structures for different phases
  • Promote family values and business values
  • Prepare family members for governance and succession
  • Prepare these firms to focus on growth
He gave us insider tips on how families can focus on how to run the business and address the family issues that clouds the growth of the family business. It was the first talk that i have ever attended that actually focuses on business and i must say that it was really awesome. He gave us examples of family conflicts that affects the business and a step by step guide on how to deal with it. 

The event was attended by students, business owners and people involved primarily in a family business searching for answers for their issues regarding the topic. after the discussion they held a raffle for the attendees and they also served some light snacks.

You can also learn the knowledge i acquired during the event by buying Professor Soriano's book "Kite Runner Columns" It was sold during the event but you can also get yours in your nearest bookstores now! I know its worth it and im going to get my copy by April its really a great investment and lots of tips and tricks in managing the issues! 

Book signing event

The event was a huge success. I learned a lot in just a few hours and i will definitely apply it once i start my own family business so i can avoid conflicts and avoid issues in the future as well. This is really a must attend event if you love starting your own business or family business! 

I wanna thank AGSB Global Marketing Class S22 for giving me a chance to attend this event even though its early its really worth the time! 

you can email Professor Soriano at

so thats it for this post i hope you check his book out and get yourself a copy as well!



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