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Essential Brands Group SEA 1st Anniversary

Hello everyone! last Friday (March 6, 2015) I was invited by one of the representatives of Essential Brands to attend their 1st anniversary celebration and a blogger conference as well where we were able to get to taste the products they offer to the market. but first let me give you some information about the company.

The event was opened by Sir David and they thanked us for being there at their 1st anniversary. We then proceeded in some brief introduction of the company.But first what is Essential Brands? Essential Brands Group PTY Ltd. (EBG) (EBG-SEA)is a wholly owned Australian private business with operations throughout the whole of Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and Singapore. Founded by Mike and Gayle Koolen in 2001, EBG is a market leader in providing premium quality Coffee Machines, Hot Chocolate Machines, Slush Machines, Soft Serve Machines and all related products through our recognised flagship brands, I Luv Coffee, I Luv Coffee Express, I Luv Slush, and I Luv Frozee. 

After the introduction we are then showed some videos about the history of coffee. its really quite amazing how the industry have grown all throughout the years in different continents. and there are different demands in each part of the globe.

We then proceeded with the business presention

“With the vision of sharing the LUV through superior customer experience and world class brands, EBG SEA is poised to provide coffee systems and beverage solutions with the highest levels of quality and service bringing the best in the business to our customer’s businesses,” says Gabriel Balancio, Business Lead for EBG SEA in the Philippines.

During the presentation we are served coffee, its not an instant coffee that you get from vending machines. its fresh from the coffee beans itself and brewed upon order. i ordered a cappuccino and its the best tasting coffee i had for the longest time. no bitter aftertaste, its creamy and not too sweet. its the kind of coffee that i can drink every day! no wonder that a lot of brands have partnered with EBG-SEA in serving quality coffee for a very reasonable price! 

Brands that partnered with EBG-SEA

Continuing with the presentation they gave us an in depth information about the coffee machines, the uses of each part and some more technical aspects of each .

The company offers a variety of coffee machines and packages to choose from. the I Luv Coffee and I Luv Coffee Express has a very reasonable prize. the prices range from Php 199,000 to Php 495,000 which also includes a start up for your own business the prices are negotiable depending on the need and preference. The machines ares all made in Italy and the products are from New Zealand the product quality is really on a top notch as i can say and there is NO ROYALTY FEE!

With that being said the package is almost an all in. since they will also conduct a feasibility study before you start your own coffee shop business, zoning, training for your employees, assistance on the business and a lot more! I also wanted to highlight that the machine has a 5-7 year lifespan or even longer depending on how you take care of the machine and how you use it. They also provide maintenance and product support depending on the need of the client.  The machine can also clean on its own and it only takes 5-7 minutes to clean the pipelines of the coffee maker.

Photos below are some of the coffee machines they offer:

Manual: (still needs a barista) great if you want to start your own cafe with pastries etc.

Fully automatic: (no barista required) great for offices, meetings etc

After the coffee presentations we are then informed that we are also be able to try their other products which is the I Luv Slush! 

I Luv Slush is a fruit based frozen refreshment that will give you brain freeze! Compared to the slurpee that is being offered in 7-11 this one doesnt turn white or pale in colour as you sip through it which i think is really cool because its fruit based and produced form New Zealand. Its doenst taste like sugar at all. i was able to taste two of the flavors which are raspberry and blue lemonade. i prefer the blue lemonade even though it turned our mouths literally color blue

thats me getting my dose of slushy! \

Their packages range from Php 180,000 to Php 234,000 and they offer packages so you can start up your business as well as support :)

They also mentioned about the I Luv Frozee. This will be launched soon in the country and will soon serve frozen yogurt.

one of the most exciting part of the event is the latte art! which was headed by two of the best baristas in the Philippines, Mr Alvin Clapano and Michael Cruz. they had a demonstration on how they make latte art. seriously. they make it look so easy but its not. 


some latte art done at the event.

After the latte art demonstration they served some sandwiches and more refreshments for us.. while everyone is having a light snack they had a quick Q & A and i was one of the winners and i got to take home a powerbank (which will be included in my SUMMER GIVEAWAY) 

no makeup day since i just got off work that very day as well :)
thanks for the powerbank!

the  Essential Brands Group PTY Ltd. (EBG-SEA team)

 I want to thanks the company for inviting me on their 1st year anniversary celebration. It was really a fun event and i learned so much about coffee and the business itself.

For more information you can visit EBG SEA website at www.ebgsea.com or contact them at SmallBusinessShop Unit A & B Facilities Center 548 Shaw Boulevard, 1550, Mandaluyong City with telephone number: +63(2) 534-4526.

thats for this post and i hope you guys join my Summer Giveaway so you get a stand a chance to win the powerbank on the photo and other products! 

have a great day!


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