Tuesday, March 24, 2015

BDJ X Fitness First #GoFurther Experience

Last Saturday (March 21, 2015) I was one of the lucky bellas to get an invite for the Belle De Jour Passion Series #GoFurther. It was held in Fitness First Trinoma around 3 pm and i think 30 bellas attended the exclusive event for BDJ Planner Holders.

Its all about fitness for this event and i was sweating like a pig during the whole event. I have weight issues I admit and hitting the gym is not really the go to thing for me ( well for both of us really LOL). But I gave this one a shot. here are some of the highlights of the event. 

registration and giving out of ribbons
the ribbons was used to group bellas into two :)

some of the bellas that attended the event
we can still smile before the workout

our freestyle group training instructor
"no pain, no gain"

pic from @BDJBuzz intagram 
i look horrible my goodness
this work out gave me body pains for 3 days!

we are so beat up after the work out!
we cant even move a lot thank goodness for yoga after that :)

our yoga instructors <3
its the 1st time i tried yoga and it felt amazing for me
after our 1st work out my legs and thighs are super painful
but after yoga class i felt much better since it relieved some of the pain.

i just sneaked a photo of the bellas doing yoga :D

It was really a super tiring experience yet it was super fun! we didnt had snacks during the event unlike other BDJ events we attended since its an exercise event. BDJ is very thoughtful of bringing us all in the gym to work out. i think its for summer since its just a few weeks away! they raffled off a 3 months membership to a lucky bella too! i didnt won but its okay everyone was able to take home a salvatos foldable flip flops! yay! 

It was an amazing day for all of us bellas and mega tiring too!
Thank you BDJ and Fitness first for having us!

Please check out their social media:

Belle de Jour - Website, FB, Twitter, Insagram
Fitness First- Website, FB, Twitter, Instagram

So thats it for this post i hope u had fun!
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