Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Allura Tummy Tuck with Korean Ventosa Experience

Hello everyone I recently visited Allura Spa and Aesthetic Care and Tried their Tummy tuck with Korean Ventosa last Wednesday ( March 25, 2015)

I have issues with my waist line for years now. Im always on the chubby side of the population. Dieting is not really the best option for me if i want instant results. Thats why there are a lot of aesthetic care places in the country. One of them is Allura Spa, located near LTO East avenue, its a very accessible place to go to.

waiting lounge

Allura offers a variety of services from facial services to cosmetic surgery! well i just availed for a non invasive tummy tuck. 

some of the treatment rooms they have and equipment

their massage/spa beds

So to tell you guys more about my experience it was basically a "tiis ganda" moment

Tummy tuck with Korean ventosa is different than the traditional one that we normally do here in the Philippines where we use cups on your back but this one is different and the results are major! 

So I was asked to prep up. they heated up olive oil and they also have fresh coffee grounds. little did i know that i will have an intensive coffee scrub. Since its a non invasive tummy tuck they gave me a super intensive massage/scrub at the same time. two attendants will do the treatment for you. 

they did a coffee scrub and if you have a low pain tolerance you can check on other options. if you do then continue reading. they did an intensive body scrub it was kinda painful because of the fresh ground coffee beans, but non the less it was actually tolerable for me. it took us about 30 minutes for the scrubbing which includes  my back, tummy and sides (love handles).

When they are done scrubbing my chubby areas they then proceeded with covering we with 5 layers of cling wrap or cellophane (to trap the heat form the ventosa process and make me sweat more. 

They then put a towel on top of me and the started the ventosa process. As you can see on the photos its not really the conventional ventosa at all. they use a face towel instead of cups and it was HOT! like im literally feeling the heat burning my fats and im sweating like crazy! 

The results is very promising! They measured me before and i lost 2 1/2 after the process (well lets not talk about the numbers because im really am chubby).

I do consider to continue with the treatments again in the future since the result is amazing.
I wanna thank Allura Spa and Aesthetic Care for having me. and will definitely come back in the future :)

and by the way they just recently opened January 2015 and you can contact them using the info below:

so thats it for this post and i do hope you guys check them out :)


Therese Glenn 

instagram: @thehandmadechic
email: simplytherese21@gmail.com

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