Saturday, February 7, 2015

Feature:Free Hair and Scalp Analysis with Regroe

Hello everyone! So recently i just had my hair and scalp checked for free in SM Megamall by Minoxidil Regroe. Im familiar with the brand since my dad used it for himself. So i went ahead and have my hair checked.

Minoxidil Regroe booth in SM megamall

I have hair fall and dandruff issues for the longest time and i personally dont know what to do with it. I already tried almost all over the counter remedies that i can think of for my thick and long hair. But i dont have any luck with them addressing it. Its nice to 

Hair and scalp analyzer

my scalp close up
this is the good one. dont bother seeing the dry part

So i have my hair checked. what they told me is that there are dry patches on my scalp. which means i wasnt able to rinse it well enough to remove all the residue on my be honest i dont know if i already rinsed it enough because i have long hair because it takes forever. They also informed me not to worry so much on my hair fall issue because its normal and my hair is changing (it has its own life cycle) and over all i have healthy strands and so there anyway they introduced me to their products. 

from left to right
Pregroe shampoo and conditioner, Minoxidil Regroe with 3% , 5% and 6%

Regroe bottles has a spray type dispenser for easy application on the scalp

They advised me to use Pregroe Shampoo and conditioner because i have thick hair and its made of natural products that are not drying on the scalp. I will definitely give it a try because i have nothing to lose anything on my hair and with my dads experience the Regroe products really worked for him :)

the Regroe Booth will be in SM Megamall from Feb 5-10 during mall hours and you can have a hair and scalp analysis for free! I highly recommend their products based on my dads experience in 2 months you will see the hair growing on your scalp and your thinning hair will be rejuvenated as well!

Please check their website and facebook page for more info
Facebook: Minoxidil-Regroe

so thats it for this post! I hope you guys drop by their booth and check out their products!



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