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Event and DIY: DMC - Handcracfted event

Hello everyone! so recently i just attended the DMC Handcrafted event and its super fun and its a craft overload. I attended the 2nd day and was lucky enough to have a slot for the dream catcher making! so please prepare yourself with a photo heavy post :)

the event poster

and the list of partners and participants

I am sooooo excited that i wasnt able to get some sleep. because i still have work til 3 am that morning and the workshop starts at 10 am! and im from marikina city so thats kinda screwed up right? so anyway since i loooove crafting so much i just rested changed and went to the event which is around 2 hrs travel from our place. i arrived a tad early and ended up waiting for 30 minutes for the mall to open. YES IM A DEDICATED CRAFTER and this is the kind of event i will trade my sleep for! good job to DMC Philippines for creating this event for hard core crafters like me <3 I also want to share to you guys the work shop i was lucky enough to be listed on DREAM CATCHER MAKING! YAY!

so let me just share to you guys some of the photos i was able to get during the event :)

and its soooo hard not to stare! and buy!!! ughhh! 
30% off threads and DMC ITEMS! YESSSS!!!

and all the embroidery thread are in stock! yes!

one of the cutest display in my opinion.

The photos below are some of the booths on the event

The Quillist
its like rolling a thin strip of paper and making it to super fun design
i actually love making flowers in this kind of crafting media

Craft MNL booth (Craft Manila)
they are selling cute stuff and too bad im too focused on my yarn and threads now
they also had a string art workshop which looks super fun 
and i might even give it a try <3

I Try DIY 
they held a friendship bracelet making  :) 
i used to do this when i was in high school and i know i can still make stuff like this 

Ganchilyo Guru
im a yarn addict and i and i am proud about it!
and anything that involves crochet tickles my fancy!
was able to get a pom pom making kit for cheap so i might make a tutorial about it

miss karla of damgo was the one who taught us how to make dream catchers 
its was a wonderful experience to listen to her story and 
her teaching us to make our own dream catchers as well!

here are some of the photos during are workshop 

Miss Karla Quimsing
she is sharing her story on how she started making dream catchers

this is such a sweet treat for me <3 
craft materials to make my 1st and 2nd dream catchers <3

Dream Catchers
these are showed to us as an example

crafters in all ages

so when he got the go signal all of us went to a whirlwind of crafting

yes im working on it! <3

yay! we made it!

me and miss karla <3
 awake for 24 hours? its definitely worth it 
learned and met new friends too!


photos above are just close up photos of what i made :)
im so happy i learned so much too!

photos below are some more shot i took during the event 

Marie kit Ph

crafting supplies overload!

so i bought a lot of stuff mostly threads

sleepless for 24 hours and going strong for the name of crafting! 

The event was truly a success and i cant stress enough how happy i am to be able to attend it. i am a self confessed hard core crafter and proud about it! Having an eye and appreciation for handmade things is truly a wonderful thing. crafting is an art and it runs in my veins and im willing to sacrifice so much stuff to be able to continue my passion. i spent a few thousand on the event itself and im cool with it :) i love my money where i can see them. in my crafting stash <3 I learned a lot and will definitely make more dream catchers in the future as well! congratulatons to DMC Philippines for making this wonderful event happen!

like their pages:
Damgo : FB : Damgo   Instagram: @damgocebu
DMC Philippines: FB: DMC Philippines 

thats it for this post see you on my next blog post!


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