Saturday, January 3, 2015

Features: Trinkets Worth Keeping

Hi there!

Thanks for dropping by my blog. since its new year i wanna share to you guys my recent accessory haul! For girls like me that dont really love dressing up so much, accessories tickles my fancy. I normally shop online and Zalora has the widest variety of accessories that i have seen so far compared to other sites.Im really attracted to necklaces and earrings so bad that i have almost 40 necklaces and 30 pairs of earrings!but let me spare some time for that huge collection of mine and let me just feature some of the items im recently loving and where i got them and how much each item costs.

these are my avon necklaces
the turtle set was given to me as a gift 
the tribal set and the black set is bought from a brochure 2 years ago. around 500-800 each set
the pink set and purple set recently bought at an avon  booth 

purple set bought from avon booth in riverbanks center mall 
paid Php100 for the set :)

Pink set bought from avon booth in riverbanks center mall 
paid Php200 for the set :)

green and purple dangling earrings
hand made my Hiyas Filipinas
Php 50

rustic notes and birds earrings
Php 150

gold and black triangle earrings
bought at Amanda's Place Sta Lucia East Grand Mall
Php 150

here are my top 3 online shopping sites for accessories

Wearing accessories completes my look even if its just a simple plain outfit. Not wearing one makes me feel like there is something missing. May it be a statement bag, bracelet, earrings or a watch it will definitely up your fashion game in the best way possible!

so thats it for this post. i hope you guys like my haul and will do more next time.



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  1. Hey partner, I am a jewellery fan and I have a huge collection. But to be honest, after looking at your collection. I am tempted to get more and I love these colorful earings. I gotta be quick before anyone else gets them.