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BEAUTY: #MakeMiraclesHappen with Pantene 3 Minute Miracle

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So today i will be sharing a quick review on the new Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner. Im so happy to be one of the 1st people to get try the latest from the brand sent by the BDJ Box team! 

Being the 1st ever Cosmopolitan Beauty Crush in the Philippines im super excited when i received the package in  my doorstep. They claim to #MAKEMIRACLESHAPPEN so I immediately tried it the next day! So here I am sharing my amazing 3 minute miracle experience. with a special smoothness test as well

this is what is included in the package
a 70 ml Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Conditoner
a product card
a black pouch(im gonna put my long handled brushes here <3 )

Just a little background about my hair. Its naturally dry, thick, frizzy, tangled and brittle all at the same time plus add on the styling products I use for my dull hair. I fell in love with Pantene conditioner since the first time i tried it. I started using the brand February last year and have been using it religiously ever since. I can say it keeps my hair moisturized but im still struggling to keep it frizz free and the breakage issue.

They are claiming to fix 3 months of damage in just three minutes and work miracles for my hair.
so i did gave it a try. 

so this is how the product looks like. its not runny but not super creamy as well.
i think this consistency makes it easier for the hair to absorb it.

so lets put it to the test! 
i used my regular anti dandruff shampoo and then conditioned my hair for 3 minutes and rinsed it off

here is a side by side photo comparison

 As you can see in the close close up photo that the roots of my hair is already frizzy 
and by just using the product for three minutes its tamed it and made it shiny!
and for the ends of my hair it also feels soft, smooth and shiny too!

and here is a before and after photo!

and here is short video on how smooth my hair is after using the 
Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Conditoner!


  • Instant results! In just 3 minutes the 3 months worth of damage in my hair has been addressed!
  • It made my hair shiny or glossy like i just stepped out of the salon
  • It made my hair smooth
  • It made my hair smell like vanilla and berries!  and it lasts for a long time too
  • It moisturized my hair big time! i have been dealing with breakage for a long time and it instantly reduced the falling strands with just one wash!
  • its affordable and it is really your moneys worth!
  • not yet in the market but you can pre order it in Zalora Philippines! Get yours Here
Will I repurchase? YES!

It indeed made a miracle with my hair! With just one use i achieved the result of a weeks worth of usage from my previous conditioner! no wonder that this product got the 1st Cosmo Beauty Crush in the Philippines!

Thank you BDJ Box for sending this over and once again im impressed with it!

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Thats it for this post! i hope you  guys give this amazing product a try!



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9 comments on "BEAUTY: #MakeMiraclesHappen with Pantene 3 Minute Miracle"
  1. miracle happen talaga :D love your hair test :)

    1. Thank you! its super smooth and shiny since i started using it <3 you guys should give it a try :*

  2. May sense yung hype kasi ang ganda nga niya! Di ko na kailangan mag style halos pag ito ang gamit ko, basta idadaan ko na lang sa mas madalas na pagpapatrim and shape ng hair sa salon.

    1. ang bongga lang ng result :) parang nagpapahair treatment lang sa salon :)

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  4. Hi! Did you blow dry your hair after using it? Or natural na nag-tame talaga yung hair mo? I have the same problem kasi as yours, dry and frizzy hair. Saka meron na ba neto sa market ngayon? I wanna give it a try. :) (i deleted my former post bcoz of typo haha sorry)

    1. HI! yes i think its available na sa market now. i didnt use any hair tools for this (i dont have any hair tools at all LOL) :). yes it actually tamed my hair big time! i have super thick and long hair and it helped tame the frizziness and dryness as well.