Saturday, January 3, 2015

Beauty: Get Lei'd Cosmetics - 3D Fiber Mascara

Hi there! Thanks for dropping by my blog for my 3rd post of the night (since im not feeling lazy just sleepy)

Today im gonna share a short review on the Get Lei'd Cosmetics - 3D  Fiber Mascara.

I got this from my Nov-Dec Saladbox subscription and I am really praying for this item to be in my box! Im super excited to try it so lets do this!

Upon opening the sleek and very classy box this is what you will see

a instruction label and two mascara containers

for a closer look at the label

you will be getting 2 mascara containers as well and its kinda weird that i have to use both on my lashes

so this is what the mascara looks like

Setting Mascara
1st coat and also a sealer for the fibers.
it really feels nice on my lashes upon application

Close up of the brush

the middle part if the bush is less dense that the top and bottom

The Green Tea Fiber
I am super surprised upon opening this because it looks like lint.
but it really makes sense since this will give you that falsie effect on your lashes

Close up of the brush

The Brush is straight and is made up of very fine strands made for picking up
 the green tea fiber from the container itself.

so lets put it to the test
(im aiming for natural looking as possible without being clumpy

Left bare lashes Vs Right With Get Lei'd Cosmetics - 3D  Fiber Mascara
as you can see the difference i just used one coat for the mascara just one! 
and it dramatically extended the length and volume of my mascara
it also retained that natural looking lashes that i always love!
  • no more fake lash application
  • paraben free
  • thicker and longer looking lashes
  • easy to use
  • long lasting (lasted me 7 hours)
  • doesnt rub off easily
  • easily removed by eye makeup remover (im using watsons brand for the remover)

  • Price Php 995 (well i think for the lenth of usage its worth the investment!)
  • Availability (since there is no nearby mall in my area selling this item)
  • dual application  
  • lints falling on application (well maybe its just me and not used to it.)

Repurchase? YES!!! because im lazy putting on my fake lashes this seemed to be the best option for me

You can get your own Get Lei'd Cosmetics - 3D  Fiber Mascara at Suesh and at

Im super happy that this is included in my Saladbox Nov-Dec Box. you can subscribe HERE and also check out their facebook page 

So i guess thats it for this beauty post! More coming your way soon!



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PS : My post is not paid or sponsored by Get Lei'd Cosmetics. my opinion is based on my own experience

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