Wednesday, December 17, 2014

DIY: Ring Display Box with Cover

Hi everyone!

So today im gonna share to you guys one of my recent DIY projects. I was looking for a ring container this past few weeks but the thing is just expensive! so I decided to make one myself!  I made this container last week and i think you guys can make your own ring display box as well.. this project can be categorized as recycling :) and its very easy to do. this is my own box idea and i think its nice to share it.

so lets get started.


  • small box (depends on how many rings you wanna make then you can get the size you want)
  • medium box with cover (as long as the smaller box fits in then your good)
  • gift wrapper or wrapper of your choice (make sure you have enough)
  • scissors
  • cutter
  • glue
  • glue brush (optional i just dont like the messy feeling when dealing with glue)
  • rings (so you know how many holes you need and for fitting too)

PROCEDURE: (see images below for guide)

  1. check the size of the box you are gonna use as the ring holder itself
  2. fit the box inside the larger box 
  3. cut holes using a cutter though the box using a paper cutter (be careful using the cutter) and also start slowly by cutting a very thin rectangle.
  4. fit the rings in the holes in the smaller box
  5. trace the box and give some allowance on the side of the box for covering of the sides.
  6. remove box and define the line using a pen or a pencil
  7. when the holes are already adjusted and cut according to size its time to put some glue on the widest side of the small box 
  8. make sure that the box is on a flat surface.
  9. glue the sides
  10. cut excess gift wrapper
  11. continue gluing the sides and make sure its secure
  12. glue until the inner flap is attached
  13. trace the sides of the bigger box
  14. cut the sides for easy fit and gluing process
  15. trim excess
  16. glue the sides., make sure that you start with the widest side first
  17. glue until the inner flaps are glued in the inner side of the box
  18. go back to the 1st box when its dry you can trace the holes and cut through it.

Just put your rings and your good to go! 

i hope you guys enjoy my little DIY project and there is more to come :)

Happy Holidays!




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