Friday, December 5, 2014

A Gift of Love, my #MerrySMChristmas

Christmas. A word that extols the good deeds, love, and faith that men do for each other in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ. But behind the warm glow of the candle in the window, the cheerful music playing in  the stores as we shop, and the seas of smiling faces greeting each other in passing in the days leading up to December 25th, I am faced with the deep question of what #MerrySMChristmas really means to me.

To many it means to open a new shiny gift they dreamed of. For others it is a delicious traditional meal with family and friends around a big happy table. To others it can be the time to simply spend time with family and to take life a little slower for a day.

For me, however, and I dare to say millions of  my brothers and sisters is about one thing: Hope and Sacrifice. Being born into the hard scrapped life like so many of us are, I had to struggle tor everything I got in life. I remember many times my family not having enough food on the table. I recall many times my mother would take me close to her, wipe away the tears from my eyes and tell me, only in the words she could that “daddy and I do not have enough money for Christmas  food and gifts this year. Hopefully next year”. I remember on one occasion I stormed off to my bed and laid down and cried. I was so angry at her. I wanted a new doll that Christmas. What upset me is that I wanted the doll the last two Christmases as well. What I did not know was all the sacrifices my parents made just to be able to buy rice and fish for the week. I did not know until I was older that my mother had to do the neighbor’s laundry just to get enough money together to make my Christmas present. I walled around the small one room home we shared, with anger still in my eyes and heart for my mother. Little did I know that the laundry she was doing for days on end was being done for my benefit. I did not speak to my mother for almost a week prior to Christmas day. 
Finally on Christmas day I awoke with a small handmade doll on my bed and a note. I opened the note and it said, “dear daughter…I know this is not what you wanted, but his was the best I could do with the money I could make. It would kill me to think that you would wake on Christmas day with nothing, so please accept this doll. I named her Hope. I named her Hope because it is my dream that for you someday you can be a better mother to your children and give them something I cannot provide to you. I will always love you”.

That gift inspired me to strive to be who I am now and have a heart to the people who are less fortunate than our family.  Since I started earning on my 1st job I make it a point to share my blessings to other kids in the community and buy them gifts during their birthdays and especially during Christmas season. we might not have so much but sharing is caring and with that being said SM Supermalls launched SM Cares’ Bears of Joy that also gives less fortunate kids a reason to smile.

Sharing is Caring
Giving gifts to less fortunate people brings joy to my heart and you can do the same by 
purchasing the SM Bears Of Joy for only Php 200 
you will be able to purchase TWO stuffed bears
you will bring home one of the bears for you to keep and 
another bear will be given to charitable institution to make a less fortunate child's Christmas to a 

How #MerrySMChristmas Begins

Celebrating Christmas season with your loved ones is a tradition in any part of the world. Giving them a reason to smile and feel loved is always important to us. Nurturing our family bonds, the sacrifices that we do for them and us hoping for a better and brighter future makes celebrating the holiday season worth while.

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Lets enjoy the holiday season and make our celebrations a #MerrySMChristmas




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