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FEATURE: TeleTech Opens 17th Site at Gateway Tower, Araneta Center

Hi everyone!

I just want to share to you guys my experience when I was still working in the call center industry. 

When I was still working in an office setting when i was 18 I have to travel for like 2 hours to my job without traffic. Prior to that i need to be up for at least another hour to prepare for work. Thats just for eating, showering and dressing up. I do my makeup on the road because i always lack sleep at the office since our sleeping quarters are always fully packed! I normally only get decent sleep during my day offs. Can you just imagine how hard it is to work far from home. Ive been there and I personally want to go home as soon as i possibly can to catch up on my sleep. I get sick most of the time and wanted to quit but i cant because I need a job. Its really sad and draining to have to travel far to and from work.. 

Good thing companies nowadays consider their employees location in making great business decisions. Since being Filipinos we always wanted to be close to home. 

Yesterday (November 28, 2014) I was blessed to get a preview of TeleTech Philippines newest site located in Gateway Tower Araneta Center. I attended a bloggers event which enable us to have a tour of their occupied floor in the building. I was really surprised that a BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) company held an event like this since as per experience the company doesnt really allow outsiders in the facility. They just recently opened the site last October and the representatives had their 1st call late November.We are welcomed by the companies site executives and gave brief information about the companies insights and how they started, and what their goal is. They also mentioned that they are the company that has the best attendance when it comes to their employees reporting for work. their goal is to give their employees the best benefits and compensation and also the feel that they are at home. The company also wanted to bring jobs closer to home and thats why they currently have 17 sites all over Luzon and Visayas region. 

So much for that lets have a site tour.
note: since they just recently started and the building was just recently inaugurated they will change the color scheme of the floor since they wanted to achieve the cozy feel. 

couches a the lobby

wall display at the lobby as well

their pantry area (also the concessionaire will start serving at the floor by 2015)

They are also offering the Grab-Scan-Go this is the 1st time that i have seen a set up like this
this is like their own honesty store where the items are subsidized by the company for their employees.

This is just one of the board rooms they have in the floor. This is one of the biggest of its kind for a BPO company that i have seen. as you can see there is this 60 inch LED TV at the side this is just for the boardroom and they are in the process of installing more at the pantry and operations area as well. For security reasons we are not allowed to take pictures inside the operations floor itself. i noticed that there are a lot of CCTV cameras installed and most of it are long range so there is really no excuse if they caught you snoring during your shift so better be careful.

Talking about sleeping here is just one of their sleeping quarters. 
They actually have plenty of rooms on the floor itself just dedicated for the sleeping quarters.

One of the things that interests me is that they have a Lactating Room 
for Moms that are on shift and dont want to leave their precious one at home. 
I heard that they are also considering having a day care inside the office

Adjacent to it is the clinic. though its not fully finished yet here is a preview of it

Also we have a view of Miss Knel's office she is the one in-charge in this site

Everything in the office is brand new and they are still doing some upgrades as well. I also noticed this Cisco product that they use for call conference.

How cool is it working at a new building with not a lot of agents you need to compete with?
Well I think applying for a position in a company/site that is just starting up gives a lot of opportunities to grow with the company. Can you just imagine yourself being in the same position in 5 years also working far from home? The traffic and congestion in the train stations will really take the toll on you.


If you are around Araneta Center or Quezon City area. 
This post is for you. 

Since TeleTech Araneta site opens its doors for opportunities for no less than 100 new employees to fill their Customer Service and Business Support roles. The new hires will join pioneer programs, gain access to the companies comprehensive pay and benefits package and immerse in a corporate culture invested in personal development. 


For those who are interested to start their career in the call center industry this is a great opportunity for you to be able to work closer to home.  You may visit or email with an updated resume. Applicants may also apply personally by walking in at 15/F Gateway Tower, Araneta Center.

I hope you guys learned something from my experience and also start earning closer to home. Dont let this opportunity pass and apply at TeleTech!

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  1. Didn't you know that for almost 5-6 months of operation they can't even complete a 300 head count because people are leaving the company? Worse benefits and compensation package among all call centers in the Philippines