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BEAUTY:Exclusive November BDJ Box X Benefit Unboxing - Sweet Shoppe

Hi thanks for dropping by my blog. I just wanted to share with you guys my experience with the BDJ box i recently received. This is my 1st ever BDJ Box and I decided to purchase a November box because its my birthday month. I  paid Php 580 for my BDJ box last September and im not really sure what i will recieve. but anyways the box arrived Saturday( Nov 15) and its the regular sized BDJ Box unlike last months box this is a exclusive box so it comes in with a cute sleeve thats super girly and depicts the holiday season.

so this what the box looks like when taken out of the delivery dudes blue plastic <3
i can say is that the sleeve is so cute and most likely i will use it for some upcycling on my craft projects <3

upon removing the sleeve the Regular bdj box shows up :) 
my mom is really looking forward having the box itself because its so cute! 
(its my 1st bdj box )

once you open the box you will see a product card and also the stickers! 

Its says : Love the way you look, Look the way you love 
i find it nice that BDJ box includes motivational stickers in their boxes because whenever you feel down you just need to glance at this and its such a confidence booster alone <3

The Product card
A dedication to bellas and also an overview of the theme of the month
it also includes the product listing and prices and some contest that bellas can join at the back.


TADAA! A box full of benefit products! 

The 1st thing that caught my attention is the packaging,
i personally like colorful and cute stuff  since im a crafter by heart.

So lets go through the items inside!

Bathina Scented Body Mist 
full size: 50 ml = around Php 1300
deluxe sample size 7 ml = around Php 182
Made in USA

statement fragrance of Benefit Cosmetics. It has a blend of golden peaches, Sicilian lemon, white blossoms and velvet plum that leaves you feeling irresistibly sexy with every spritz.  It’s also alcohol-free, so you can mist it on your hair and on any part of your body anytime you feel like it!

They're Real! Push up Liner
full size: 1.5 g = Php1300
2 deluxe sample size 0.20 g = Php 185.71 
made in Japan

Lash hugging pen gel liner uses a AccuFlex tip that gives smooth, non budge application.
It's a waterproof, matte black gel eyeliner that can last for as long as 24 hours on your lids
(most likely i'll try this next monday since ill be at school longer)

High Bean Complexion Enhanser
full size: 12.5 ml = Php1700
deluxe sample size 2.5 ml = Php 340
made in France 

High beam gives a subtle sheen to your face so you can get that fresh and dewy look.
it also has a cute brush applicator with this deluxe sample very neat and handy for travel.
(personally this item is the one i have wanted to try for so long! 
ive seen bloggers using this in tutorials and im super happy i have this one in my box!
this will last quite some time )

Lollitint Lip & Cheek Stain
full size: 12.5 ml = Php1700
deluxe sample size 2.5 ml = Php 340
made in France 

A candy orchid colored tint that lasts all day long.
personally i never tried a lip and cheek stain ever because
i have a fear of smudging everything on my face and make me look horrible 
so this will be the 1st one. it also has a cute brush applicator

Big Easy Complexion Perfector
full size 35 ml = Php 2000
2 deluxe sample size 6 ml= Php 342. 85
made in Japan

A true 2 in 1 coverage that controls oil and balance moisture while giving a light weight finish. 
It conceals imperfections and adjusts your skin tone 
while it soothes and protects the skin from free radicals

POREfessional PRO Balm
full size 22 ml == Php 1600
2 deluxe sample size 6 ml = Php 436.36
Made in USA

This silky and light weight balm is formulated with Vit. E to help protect your skin 
while minimizing pores and appearance of fine lines.
i have seen this product being reviewed by beauty bloggers and i just cant wait to get my hands on this!

last but not the least!

A hello gorgeous voucher and total moisture facial cream sample sachet

I only paid Php 580 pesos for my BDJ box and 
the value of the box is around Php 1830
thats more than 3 times the value of what i paid for!

Overall i am happy with the box i received since i never tried a single benefit product ever! 
so this is a new experience for me. i think paying for deluxe sample sizes is actually okay for me since i get to try more items from the same brand and also since me and my husband love travelling this cute sizes will really come in handy in my purse :)

i will definitely repurchase another box. 

Order your own BDJ Box HERE

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so thats all for my unboxing post! i so excited to test the products this week <3


Therese <3

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  1. I've seen posts about this via Instagram and I guess this is the best BDJ box so far! Because of all it's products! Ugh. I'm super jealous! I've always wanted to subscribe but too afraid that my money would be a waste. This box made me want to sign up. Sana lagi ganito ang laman! Hehehe.