Monday, May 26, 2014

HAIR MAKEOVER! : Belle De Jour X Azta Urban Salon Experience

Hello readers! its been a few months since i last posted here in my blog.. im really sorry for being inactive for the past months. i have been doing a lot of  things and got hitched, new job for me and my hubby. its really been hectic

so here it goes...

Last march 14 i was so fortunate to have a hair makeover by Azta Urban Salon at their Eastwood branch.
its a prize from a blogging contest by Pantene Philippines and Belle De Jour page. you can see my entry HERE.

i got a package worth P10,000! never in my wildest dreams that i would even want to spend that amount of cash on my hair!

i hot a chromabond, manicure, pedicure, eyelash perm. threading services and waxing services.

here are some of the pictures that i've taken during the treatments

well this is what my hair looks like regularly before. they rinsed it out and blow dried it intensely and me born with overly thick locks well its sooo fluffy, this is without the combing okay? just to clarify no combing...

my hair is naturally fluffy and thick 
(this is actually in a tamed condition because of the Pantene conditioner ive been using )

during the process:

soaking time :) i love the tub they are using <3

ate Che doing foot scrub

foot mask time :)

ate RayBan doing the treatment on my hair :)

sir Jo doing my haircut :) it was fast as if nothing happened but its already layered and styled 

the wax and threading treatment room its cute and tidy 

working stations

result! yay!

 as much as i wanted to take a lot of photos in the place im stuck in my chair because its a LONG process. i think it was about 6 hours stay in the salon. for privacy issues, i didnt posted any photos for the waxing and threading. its just hard to move on with it, it hurts being the 1st time i did it all my life! haha well i'll go back by next month to have everything done again anyway haha! for the hand treatments. obviously i cant take photos ;)

i love the treatments and the pampering they gave me, im so happy i won and my hubby is really in love with my new hair! and i have my stash removed too so he was really surprised. 

 i wanna thank the BDJ team for selecting me as the winner of this awesome prize i never really expected it ! and sorry for the late post because i just got married and got a new job and just got back from cebu city :)

and also thanks to AZTA urban Salon for the EXCELLENT service! you guys are awesome and i will be back soon for the waxing and threading services. :) 

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this is it for this post. thanks for dropping by :)



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  1. you're so lucky , my friend...

  2. Great look! :)