Monday, February 17, 2014

BDJ x My Pantene #CHOOSETOSHINE Transformation

hello everyone! its me again,., i just wanna share to you  guys how my hair transformed from dry and frizzy to soft and silky with the use of PANTENE TOTAL DAMAGE CARE DAILY INTENSIVE CONDITIONER and ALL DAY SMOOTH MIRACLE WATER (well it really did a miracle for my hair big time!)

to start off.. let me tell you something about my hair.,
i never had perfect hair, my hair really suck. i don't like letting down my hair like other girls ,., mine is frizzy so i just have it all tied up and i feel insecure about myself not having at least a perfect crowning glory,., i tried different brands but it didn't helped out at all.

so when i heard from my friends that Belle De Jour Power Planner Page is  giving away free pantene set. i gave it a try. when i received the pantene set. BDJ launched a 7 day challenge. where you need to use the product for  7 straight days and document it daily :)

by the way here are the products that i received

just took pics before this post, notice the miracle water is halfway done :)

and i noticed that the conditioner has this cute nozzle that kinda looks for icing cakes hahaha

this is what the conditioner looks like when u pump it out 

and this is for the miracle water

i must say that the conditioner and miracle water smells really really nice! 

i followed the instructions on the box

  • squeeze out excess water
  • apply enough conditioner and soak it into hair and i focused on the tips
  • let it stay on hair for 5 mins
  • rinse
miracle water
  • pump enough amount for your hair
  • spread between fingertips and rub palms against one another
  • do moist combing/ finger combing and focus on tips because its a lot more prone to damage
  • and then press on the surface of hair to allow the hydrating ingredients to settle in 

here is my 7 day experience  with pantene :)

before using anything on my hair this is what it looks like

taken 02-11-14 day one before using the products ,.,as you can see i have frizzy hair and its really dry

DAY 1: after using the product,., it dramatically moisturized my hair though its still frizzy and its not as bad as the 1st picture (taken 02-11-14)

DAY 2: my hair a lot more tamed and its shiny! and its just day two! (2-12-14)

DAY 3: i noticed the strands of my hair are a lot more healthy looking :) im pretty happy because its a lot more shiny <3 (2-13-14)

DAY 4: i can now finger comb my hair and its very soft and healthy my boyfriend noticed that my hair is not as frizzy looking and im letting it down not unlike before. i really gained confidence at this point. (2-14-14)

DAY 5: attended the bdj rendezvous event and i love my hair! it didn't dried up! and i dont even need to reapply the product over and over again! im so happy!  (2-15-15)

DAY 6: my hair is better than ever!my hair is really healthy, i can ditch the comb anytime! the strands are soft even i always do a lot of home chores,. even with pollution around the area,y hair is still sooth and manageable! after along day my hair is still shiny! (2-16-14)

DAY 7: my hair looks great! its the best hair that I've had for years! im confident to let down my hair and i already overcame my hair insecurity thanks to Pantene conditioner and miracle water. (2-17-14)

this is my 7 day journey to a beautiful, healthy and gorgeous hair without expensive salon treatments!

you can really see the transformation my hair from the 1st day to the 7th day with just using PANTENE!
i highly recommend this product because of my experience and i will definitely stick to it and re purchase the same item!

this hair transformation that ive been to helped me overcome my insecurity about me not having great hair.because now i have healthy, shiny,soft and gorgeous hair that ive always wanted. i know it will help me stand out of the crowd because im a lot more confident about myself an definitely i #ChooseToShine !

give Pantene conditioner and miracle water a try and definitely you will love it as much as i do!
and for sure its #YourMomentToShine and please do share your experience <3

i wanna thank BDJ for sending me the pantene set <3 and im so happy being a apart of the BDJ commuity

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thanks for visiting my blog and may you guys see the difference with Pantene! and may you also #CHOOSETOSHINE



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  1. I received my pantene pro v set and it also helped me in dealing with my frizzy hair ♥

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