Sunday, September 15, 2013

Careline Party Peepers

hey everyone <3 sorry for not being able to post a lot the past few weeks because im so busy applying for a job and i just recently got hired! YAY!

so i was able to win another contest from the generous Careline Cosmetics and this time i got all the colors from their eyeshadow line <3

so they had this contest which i posted too here . so as i said im not in the world of eye shadows but still i gave it a shot, im  not a make up expert but at least i gave it a shot.
here is my entry <3 

i dont really know what im doing i just searched the internet

and i ended up looking like this

closeuplookofmy eye make up

i used careline blush,pressed powder, and eye shadow

and this is the loot that i got :)

isnt it pretty <3 i will do swatches of my eye shadows soon <3

announcement photo <3

im super happy that i won again from their facebook page
its way back August 30 and i received my prize September 5th
im so thankful to Careline Cosmetics because i dont have a lot of eye shadows now i do have a lot! <3
they really gave me the opportunity to explore more the world of make up (and im enjoying it)

im gonna do the swatches probably by next week since i have lots and lots of things to post here on my blog <3 

thanks for your reading my blog <3

comments are loved <3


2 comments on "Careline Party Peepers"
  1. My favorite product in makeup is eye shadow. I can spend hours at doing eye makeup. This is some really cool variety of them. And i liked the way you used them!