Sunday, September 15, 2013

Careline Eye Shadow X4 Palette Review and Swatches

hi everyone <3

since im not feeling lazy right now,i decided to make a review on the palettes that i received from Careline Cosmetics form the contest i joined at their facebook page (click here)

so today im gonna review and swatch the Careline x4 eyeshadow pallets

there are four palettes that i received with 4 shades in each

set 1 Ballet
brown, light yellow, carnation pink,white


(regular lighting)

(under my fluorescent light ,. my camera's flash doesnt work)

Set 2- Cheerdance
sky blue, purple, pink, very light purple(still looks white)


(regular lighting)

(under my fluorescent light)

Set 3- Harlem
White,Red,  Yellow Green, Blue Green


(regular lighting)

(under my fluorescent light)

Set 4-Break Dance
silver,copper, white, blue


(regular lighting)

(under my fluorescent light)

i love all of them but the one i liked most is set 4- breakdance


the pigment content in the palettes are okay
size of each pan of eyeshadow fits a one peso coin
price is only 150 pesos for four colors for me its still affordable considering the size and the length of time i can use the product 
its hypo allergenic and contains vitamin E
packaging is okay to me and it has a eyeshadow applicator that is the same length as the case
4.8 grams (1.2 grams per pan)


all the palettes are in frosted colors


its available in almost all of the supermarkets,malls, groceries and drugstores here in the Philippines


I Definitely will :) but i need to wait til a color runs out :)

its still a WIN product for me because i can make a lot of looks  with just 4 colors <3
so in the a range of 10 i will give it a 9 (yay!)

if you want more information please do check their website and facebook page as well

Are you using Careline Cosmetics?
what brands are you guys currently using?
im new with make up :)
tips and comments are appreciated <3
thats for this post :) have a good day everyone 


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  1. I'm certain about it that this product will be perfect for Eye Shadow.There are so many unique colors in that.Thank you very much for sharing.Keep posting