Saturday, August 17, 2013

Motives Cosmetics

Hi everyone <3

im sorry because its been a while since i last posted i've been super busy with my exams this past few weeks being a college student,.,

well anyway i was hooked with contests last few months so i can try different products (i like trying out new things). So it happened that i saw a page that has a giveaway of course i joined and i won it was June 10th, because its an international product it took quite sometime before i receive  it <3

Nor Cal Gold Motives Team  sent out the prize and im really excited because i haven't had a Bronzing (tanning) lotion EVER! im so happy i can get to try one <3

so i received a Motives Bronzing Lotion its basically a tanning lotion, so u dont need to deal with sunburns just to achieve a sun kissed glow :)

since im sooooo excited i oped the package when im on the road from the local post office ,.,it came in in a cushioned envelope and bubble wrap,.,
honestly because of the shipping and handling im also kinda worried that it might spill since its a lotion and might be all over the package,., i was really surprised that there are no spills,. so i checked it and....

I love the fact that its sealed <3 i haven't encountered a lot of products that are sealed like this,.,

i tested it out <3 and this is what it look like before i spread it and also it has a coconut scent <3

With better lighting this is what it looks on my skin  you can actually see the difference,.,
i love how it turned out on my skin because i was  never able to achieve the tan i wanted before Without the sunburn i can now!

im really happy to get to try this wonderful product from Nor Cal Gold Motives Team! and also they have a wide variety of products to choose from. Here are some of them:

Motives Rich Formula Lipstick

Motives Compact Beauty

Motives Minerals Baked Eyeshadow Trio

Motives Beauty Weapon

Motives 15 Pc Professional Brush Set
they also have a lot of tools that are not on a set

Please do visit their Facebook page

Nor Cal Gold Motives Team

and if you wanna place an order for any items
 wanna take a better look on products they offer

and if you are from the US you can shop at

check their global page

Thats  all for now with this post,.,i hope u guys enjoy it :)

any Questions please feel free to ask me about it i'd be happy to help :)
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  1. Wow! congrats Therese! :) It's my first time to hear about this brand. I hope I can try it too! I love their lipstick shades <3