Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Papemelroti and the love for Crochet

hi every one :) its been a while since i last posted i have been extremely busy with school work :)

well i was browsing the net when i saw a contest online held by Papemelroti.

What is Papemelroti anyway?
            its a specialty store that carries a wide range of gifts and decorative accessories. i normally buy notebooks from their store. and if im at their store i cant help but purchase :)

anyways they just recently held the "1st Papemelroti Instagram Challenge"

who would want to win a loot of handmade products or 3000php worth of gc

aren't the prizes adorable!

To join, from now until July 15 (EXTENDED!!!), 2013, we invite you to:

1. Follow @papemelroti in Instagram.

2. Post a photo that illustrates Papemelroti's motto "Hands to Work, Hearts to God".
3. Tag your photo - #papemelroti and #papemelroti_01

4. On each entry, tag and invite someone to participate in the challenge.

Don't forget: 

  • The challenge is open to everyone! (worldwide)
  • All photos must be your own. No internet submissions will be considered.  
  • Maximum of 3 entries only please (new or reposts).
  • For your entry to count, you have to tag someone to invite them to join.
The IGer with the winning photo will have a choice of winning this Owl Gift Set or a P3000 Papemelroti gift certificate.

i really like owls (O.O)

so i gave it a shot 

and here is my entry
i call it "Crochet with Faith"

i made a square crochet mat with a cross and hearts detail :)

this what it looks like when close up :)

im planning on making a pattern soon for this :)
and its free i just hope u guys can understand it because i suck with drawing

and as you can see i have cute flowers on the pic too :)
i made those too :) via paper quilling
that will be my next post :) i'll show you guys how i did it:)

i hope you like my post today guys! take care always 

comments are loved :)

love lots ,
Therese <3

2 comments on "Papemelroti and the love for Crochet"
  1. I love papemelroti Ms. Therese! ^^

    Followed you on twitter! ^^

    1. thanks Super Airam :) i'll follow you back ;)
      i love their items too :)